Decided to start a software engineering blog after several years of procrastinating.
Just published my first post. Feedback is welcome :)

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    Make the link clickable. The domain name is not typeable

    Also, how do we read that post? Shows some text and image but clicking doesn't help. Maybe it is an illustration of bug vs feature?
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    @asgs Theres a thing called copy and paste 😛
    Also sounds like a personal problem. You can click anywhere on the post to open it.
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    @LLAMS copy doesn't exist in the mobile app

    And it is not a personal problem. You try clicking it on mobile FF and see. Anyway, long click on the link opened up the "open in a new tab" which worked
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    Also, the example of pagination coming up as product improvement doesn't seem like a bad idea. In fact, the developers should advise using pagination the moment they design it. Not because it is a good UI feature but it improves performance (both client and server sides). But whether you want to take it up mid sprint as am adhoc task is the real problem here. The engineeing lead/manager should simply reject such requests and enforce prioritization on the product team
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    > feedback is welcome
    Does a C&D from Nintendo count? Looks like you're fishing for one...
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    @asgs So click didn't work. As in there is no anchor tag to follow. But long click says "open in a new tab". It is a personal problem. Your fingers are sweaty because of that indian weather or your internet is slow because of that indian backwardness.

    Also working with pagination always sucks. There are millions of ways to implement it in the frontend and in the backend and when planning the API structure. If the list is short either ignore it or just implement it in the fontend. Unless your users are broke indians with devices that can't handle 20 lines of data.
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    @slouma you must really be delusional. Good luck
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