Try to teach to my girlfriend what is a class and what is a object.

Class is methods and attributes

My girlfriend starting sing "dans l'attribut de Dana" 😂🤣

Course is finish for today 🤣

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    this looks like one of those jokes that would be awesome had we all knew what it was about, or French
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    @AleCx04 sorry for you ... YouTube la tribut de Dana
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    No the course is french
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    Base class: self-replicating pattern
    Ancestor class: life form
    Superclass: human
    Class: boy
    Instance: you
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    @jak645 sorry for me? I speak 3 languages buddy. French just so happens to not be one of them
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    @AleCx04 Ya cálmate amigo, nadie está juzgando. Calme vous. Calme voçe. Du calme Joe!
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