what are you all using for static site generations? like I am planning todo a collection of links/resources/knowledge for personal use. Would do it with markdown and heard about https://www.11ty.dev/docs/ and jekyll, can you recommend me some others?

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    Building my own
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    Well, I can recommend Jekyll, VuePress, Gridsome, or Docsify (last one cannot perform SSR). Last three contain component magic, so you even can go far with interactivity.
    You may find Read the Docs extra useful for side project's documentation hosting.
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    Hugo is quite nice
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    I like next.js: while it is capable of being much more than a SSG, it can do that quite well as long as no page uses getInitialProps and automatic static optimization is enabled.
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    @RobbieGM I'd say Next.js has similar complexity as Nuxt (that's why I didn't recommend it for "a collection of links/resources/knowledge for personal use", it's overkill).
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