Ugh Android OS is so vast and intimidating, i feel so unsure about it even after 3 years of learning it.
Like now i am about to graduate, so i need to look for a job. Those companies require knowledge of libraries like data binding, dagger, rx fabric, etc the stuff that i never personally used in any of my personal projects because i was able to handle all my stuff by general programming knowledge.

At the same time the os itself is so large and full of apis that i want to learn and spend my time upon. Like Android stores data, renddrs media , its databases, its lifecycles, gradle building , manifest etc

Can any devs share how they are proceeding with this os? I always feel like i am floating on the surface and not diving deep enough :/

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    Due to heavy load on me and how absurd assignments my college gives, I have learnt to learn things upto my level on requirement

    You might need to learn everything at once ig. You start doing the work, and your experience (and Google/DDG) will guide your way forward

    No need to learn things in bulk
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    The majority of that stuff can be learned on the fly.

    Android-apis - learn the basics and google as you go. No need to remember the exact details for everything, I just memorise a brief overview of what it’s capable of.

    Data-binding - this concept is not limited to android and not hard to learn.

    Dagger - dependency injection - again not hard to learn not Android specific. Less reason to learn “dagger” when using Kotlin.

    Rx - not Android specific - useful outside of this, very easy to pick up there is a lot of example and docs.

    Fabric is dead, fire base is the new analytics platform, again nothing really hard with this.

    Gradle - These are your build tools, this can seem intimidating, learn to build your Android code without and ide, using only gradle from the command line, this might help you understand it, but it’s like any build tool really, you only need a subset of its features.
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    @dontknowshit I didn't wanted to discuss about particular libraries but rather how to progress in android. these were just some of the libs that were on the top of my head, that companies seem to ask for, in their job profile.

    What i mainly don't understand is how to go forward in this field.

    Do i make more projects? if so, which one: already available apps on playstore like gallary, videoplayer, social media app etc, or some unique apps?(I find both approaches with adv and disadv)

    Or should i leave this app making and rather focus on learning about particulars of system, like how camera apis are working, how video player works, how storage apis work , how gradle works , how those ndk libraries and other core android system work, etc ?

    Or should i just run towards every new lib, try it out and add it to my resume?

    If i want to be established as a successful Knowledgeable and, valuable android dev who gets respect and value in the industry in next 5 years, what should I do??
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    Android development changes quite rapidly, trying to keep up with the hype would an exercise in frustration, trying to memorise every api would be too, just be aware of it and be able to judge the right solution to the right problem at the right time is more valuable.

    If you have the fundamentals down, this shouldn’t be a problem.

    Most of the stuff in job descriptions, past the fundamentals, is just to screen people who are not cut out.

    Being a problem solver is a skill you can’t teach by reading. It should come naturally and evolve over time.

    Taking the time to think things through, RTFM and have some passion for what you do, is more important to me, but as my name says I “dontknowshit”.
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