My relationship with recruiters have always been a love/hate thing in the past. Some are super pushy and borderline bully you into accepting a job if they can.

A close friend of mine has lost their job recently due to COVID-19 related layoffs, and is now in a very vulnerable position both economically and psychologically. Enter recruiters.

This particular recruiting firm in my city is quite notorious for being unpleasant. I just hate how they treat people, and specially in my friend's case, pushing them for information like their previous salary when the recruiter doesn't even have a job lead!

I know they work commission and really want to close the $$$, but sheesh! So irritating!

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    Repeat after me (to the recruiters): "Go fuck yourself!"

    Yeah, sounds like some dicks. Hopefully your friend feels better.
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    All hate. There shouldn't be an industry of people who know nothing about what I do controlling my access to employment and taking a cut of my check. They don't have any unique access, they just farm job posting boards and act as an intermediary to shield employers from liability.
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    @SortOfTested Hey, this is rent-seeking!
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    @SortOfTested Right?!?! It sucks because the large majority of recruiters are borderline immoral!
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    @puppies-r-cute do away with the borderline, they are immoral.
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