my staff got selected to go do something RETARDED on site when all restrictions on the city have been lifted and the fucking numbers of covid-19 cases have been rising, last week 4 people fucking DIED and they wanted to put my guys for some RETARDED SHIT THAT can be completely ignored in which they would deal with countless of RETARDS that as I know will probably be ignoring all safety precautions and getting everyone fucking SICK.

I don't give a fuck, my employees are high risk personell, if they get sick they might fucking die, I said no to fucking everyone and had the head of my department to back me up. Fuck this shit man I am so tired of this pandemic since it had made everyone 10 billion percent-o more retarded than they already were.

If the head of department ignores it I will instruct my people to just ignore that shit and don't make themselves present at that bullshit ass fucking event.

See what the fuck they do. I treat my employees as if they were my soldiers, I know what leadership is and they are not making me fucking budge, if your command is bullshit i will fucking say no and you can go ahead and do whatever the fuck you want with that shit, just based on my title and experience I can go where the fuck I want and you will eat dick.

Luckily for me the HOD is on the same boat, he thinks this shit is fucking stupid.

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    Only 4? I thought you were suffering under the reign of emperor wheels? 😮
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    @SortOfTested we have more of 400 confirmed cases, every week the death count goes up, for a small town this is bad
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    @AleCx04 Now that's being a leader, not just a boss!
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    Good luck! That must not be easy fighting that much "stupid"...
    It's a tad appalling looking from afar to see so many people having no regards for human lives. Not that it's a specialty from across the pond (idiots are everywhere), but still. More than 100k dead, and nope, still "seemingly" no reaction.

    Again, best of luck

    PS: Do keep us updated, please
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    @Fast-Nop @Jilano thanks guys! fortunately the hod was able to pull us out from it. I was severely worried for a moment there.
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