Okay, so...

We have backend app written in phalcon 3.4.

I got task to prepare new test enviroment, based on ubuntu 20.04, php 7.4 and 'copy-paste' our Phalcon backend there.

Soooo.. That backend was outsourced and I have exacly 0 Phalcon expirience.

Phalcon 3.4 does not support php 7.4

Last 2 days Im tearing my hair out to port it over to Phalcon 4, with honorable mention why the fuck memcache didnt just want to work, and finally its working.

Now Im taking the heat that making new test enviroment takes more than few hours.

Fuck off, let me do this shit, and understand its not just apt-getting dependencies for fuck sakes.

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    Did you try restarting?
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    No, no, no.

    I thought cache will be solved

    Anyone knows how to $di->cache->queryKeys() ?
    Given $di->cache is PSR-16 compilant now? Only few hundred of getKeys() in that source....
    For shit cant find how to do it. libmemcache backend.
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