What do you think about / would say to a job with a 42 hours week?

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    Depends on if it's 7 days 6 hrs, which i wouldn't like, or 6 days 7 hrs which would be fine with me

    Beter if it's 5days 7 hrs, one day 5 hrs
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    I would say that's 12 hours too many.
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    Pretty chill. I've got 42,5 and that's just fine if they let you show up late in the morning. It's a 5 day week with 8,5 hours per day.
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    I'm on 35 hours and would decline even a 40h job, except if I were unemployed and couldn't get a 35h job. 1.5 hours more time for myself every day is huge.
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    If its worth it, why not?

    *I work between 10 and 80 hours each week.
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    I work every damn hour of the week.
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    @Fast-Nop Damn, I'd like to have 35h!
    Instead it seems like I'll get 2h more ☹️
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    @Lensflare Germany has a law that gives you some rights, the part time working law (Teilzeitarbeitsgesetz). Basically, if you're not in a super small company and don't work actual shifts (like fire fighters), the employer cannot say "no".

    Of course, it won't make sense to go that way within the first 6 months because they can fire you during the probation time for no reason.
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    Mine is 40 hours, 45 hours with lunch break if we're not working from home. I worked in companies where it's 45 hours, add the lunch time since you can't go home earlier or come to the office later and it becomes 50 hours. Don't forget the commute time in the insane traffic here and the awful mid shift or night shift schedules.

    Things are changing for the better so far and I'm trying to find ways to earn money outside of my employment. Maybe I can afford to work part-time in full remote. Who knows? 40 hours is too much, in my opinion.
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    It’s weird to have fix work-hours in 2020. Usually if i have done all the task for the day i am done even if 8 hours is not completed, although i have tendency to start every late like around 11:30 to 12:00
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    @hardfault I have flex-time, with mandatory core time from 0930 to 1500 (1300 on Friday).
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    Depends on the pay, I've done jobs that are 40+ plus 27/4 on call.
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