Time to remove access to tfs for the BA. She started adding work for us for features that don't have their requirements gathered yet.

Another BA just sent us an email today about it with just a generic "we need this now" urgency with no description, no requirements, no real functionality defined. The other one had access to tfs because she was working with us on a project, and was helping out with requirements. But it seems she's forgotten that you can't just slap imaginary things in.

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    Time to switch to gitlab
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    @SortOfTested that's a good point. We're really really really due for an upgrade. We're legitimately running tfs 2013. It works at least I guess.
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    Shit. Sometimes I miss the corporate world.

    In startup land, you can't say « yeah, no. Define better, get back to me and then we will see if we can do it ».

    Abandon hope all ye who enter.
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    @WeAreMany I mean corp has a ton of baggage that makes that option absolutely not worth having. Haven't done a startup yet but I'd imagine they come with their own set of problems as well.
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