I hated the detailed, shadow-y icons that Windows 10 implemented a while back.

Now CopyApple is using them too...

Am I just crazy? Am I wrong about this new design trend being total ass?

Also: Apple literally copying everything now huh.

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    They have done so from the start ;), windows to in many cases.

    Lookup xerox parc and apple or microsof and qdos and ibm to see how they got started.

    Or as a painter is said to have said: “Only amateurs copy, a real master steals” meaning that a master never admits to coping, they steal an idea and everyone will believe it was their idea since they are the master :)
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    My favorite GUIs in history in terms of visual design (not functionality) are KDE 1-2, Mac OS 8-9, windows 2000/98, SGI IRIX 6, windows 3.0; In roughly that order. Honorable mention to icewm and cde

    Old school KDE was like the sickest thing ever made. And then they threw that all out and replaced it with complete unusable trash that is ugly and slow and unstable on top of that when plasma was released. I was just dumbfounded at how bad it was and still is
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    Turns out, if everyone disables telemetry, olds falling asleep at the keyboard eventually decide we everything.
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    @AlgoRythm At least when Apple copies something, they do it well. When Microsoft tries it, most probably it will be a failure.
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    @Qaldim interesting opinion, that must be why windows has been so dominating :P

    That aside, I personally do not like the apple way, and for reference I used a mac back in 1986 before windows got started and have had mac around always but I often disagree with their way if doing things.

    But I know others live it, so I attribute it more to personal preference than that they have failed.
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    At least Apple have kept some of their original design with their icons to keep them recognizable, whereas Microsoft change the entire icon every time and almost always when they bring a major update to their office software.
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    > "At least when Apple copies..."
    > "At least Apple have..."

    You know Apple really fucked up when the defense is "but... but... others bad too!"
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    @VaderNT I'm just pointing out the truth, if you look at Apple's icons, they have been largely the same apart from the design language that has been used.

    The only big change was macOS Yosemite when Apple aligned the design language in line with iOS, but that made switching between macOS and iOS easier as the icons were more or less the same on both platform which creates a seamless user experience.

    Microsoft have always changed icon sets with pretty much every major upgrade and some of the core icons have had fundamental changes which can cause confusion amongst some users.

    Some of Microsoft's icon changes are half baked as well as Microsoft will update half the icons in one update, or update icons online first 3 months before an OS update, etc... plus Microsoft design language is all over the place atm it seems they gave up with their "fluent design framework" some time ago.

    Google and Android are probably the worst though, Gmail settings and the Play Store are good examples.
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    @err-occured it may or not be "the truth", the point is that Microsoft's failures are completely irrelevant when criticizing Apple. It's just derailing the discussion.
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    @VaderNT I'm sorry I said "truth", I should of said "In my opinion". All I'm saying is that in my opinion Apple currently understand what a good UI needs to look and feel like. I use a Mac and an iPhone on a daily basis.

    Microsoft knew what a good UI was from Windows 95 all the way up until Windows XP where I still consider XP to be the best Windows UI ever created. From Windows Vista onwards it's not been brilliant apart from Windows 7, albeit a reskin of vista, with the lowest point being Windows 8. There was a point where Microsoft did try and copy Apple, but that's a whole other debate
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    If you compare Big Sur and Deepin 20, they're quite similar :)
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    I don't care one way or another. The problems with Windows 10 are like basically every version from XP get new "simplified" admin interfaces/menus making it harder and harder to administer without resorting to group policies. Also how many names does "programs and features" need to have, stop renaming that thing (in my case I have to remember it in 3 languages as well). The other major problem I have is that adverts and bing shit is too much for a paid professional operating system.

    @Voxera A master steals ideas calling it inspiration and incorporates it masterfully in his/her work. We do it too with libraries and design patterns/systems
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    @hjk101 what I meant is that even if apple have done a better job in some cases integrating everything, from a corporate standpoint, mac was enough of a failure to get the ceo Steve Jobs fired from apple and Microsoft stepped in and purchased stock to save them from bankruptcy.

    Yes the first version was a hit, but the next version never came into real production due to it being to expensive among other things.

    And Steve Jobs apparently being a real shit as a boss. I recommend “Odyssey” by John Scully for more on that. https://amazon.com/Odyssey-Pepsi-Jo...

    Then with Iphone they did hit the right nail, much because technology had reached the levels required for Steve Jobs ideas to really bloom.

    So when they stole the ideas from Parc, microsoft was late to the ball, but made a better job of selling it.
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