- booting Linux
- starting Clonezilla
- kernel panic after some time
- WTF, this used to work
- look at sensor values
- CPU is really hot
- CPU fan doesn't work
- BIOS warning disabled because the lowest regular fan level is 0 RPM

Luckily, I still had some cheap 120mm fan which is a bit louder, but works. What's astonishing is that in normal operation, i.e. without full load, the case fans alone provided enough air stream for the CPU cooler.

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    Sounds like you need less computing and more alcohol today.
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    @SortOfTested I've ditched alcohol completely. ^^

    Today will be hard anyway - it's already 27°C in my room in the morning (with a westwards window!), and it's training day.
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    Yeah, know that feels. What the fuck are we thinking?
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    @SortOfTested The pump of iron, and the pain. That's metal!

    What's great about WFH: I just clocked out, did the training, showered, and stamped in again two hours later. ^^
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    switch to Ryzen 4000 Desktop Processors

    50 degrees Celsius at full load on pure air without cooling
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    @shakur I'm eyeing the upcoming 4700G for a new PC this year to retire my Phenom2 1100T after 10 years.

    But at 65W TDP, I don't think that would work without cooler, though I'll mount a big one so that it will stay silent at least in idle.
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    @Fast-Nop Bro, only the mobile Ryzen APU can work without cooling, there is a test online at Youtube.

    I am also waiting for the 4700G.

    8 CORE CPU
    8 CORE GPU

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    @shakur Bad news: the 4700G won't come. Instead, there will be the 4750G PRO, and even that not for retail, but OEMs only. AMD is keeping up its tradition of having great products, but being unwilling to put them for sale.

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    @shakur Haha! ^^ Though it may come later this year. Or next year. Who knows.

    Well I actually sat back and thought a bit about that, and.. I guess I'll save quite some money and go for the 3400G instead. The GPU of the 4700G isn't noticeably faster anyway, and the nearly doubled amount of CPU power is only with full load.

    Means, at 16 threads in the 4700G vs. 8 threads in the 3400G. My problem: I don't even have workloads that are that easy to do in parallel AND aren't I/O-bound.

    The basic problem is that instead of doubling the performance per core, the new production process only allows twice as many cores on the chip.
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    The new fabrics plus the higher GPU speed plus the option to overclock up to 2500 MHz (up to 2700 MHZ in rare cases) plus the higher bandwidth makes the output of the 4700G up to around 5 TFlops (3.5 TFlops is the limit for nearly all), whereas the 3400G only can reach 3.5 TFlops (2.5 TFlops is the limit for nearly all) if overclocked to maximun possible value.
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    @shakur I don't overclock - instead, I'd buy faster components to begin with. The stock setting benchmarks that have been leaked indicate only a minor graphics improvement. The GPU clock of the 4700G is indeed higher, but there are less units. AMD decided to mostly ramp up the CPU core count as improvement.

    Also, if you really care about graphics performance, a discrete graphics card is still the best bet.
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    @Fast-Nop I want it all on one CHIP, I want to build a small factor computer. ... the new fabrics of the 4700G brings more GPU power due to higher bandwith, and it gets faster the higher the RAM speed is, ... means you can use higher RAM speeds to improve GPU performance. My board supports up to 3600 MHz sticks. Means I get not the stock 2.2 TFlops, but possibly 2.5 TFlops just by the higher RAM speed, and I will get more when I overclock it, I assume I will end up with around 3 TFlops. This makes me play nearly all games that I like, the older the game, the more I can set the graphics features.
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