I've always liked Windows more than MacOS, but known deep in my heart that MacOS is more polished. More shiny, attractive, makes more sense, is easier to use, etc. Windows was never that far behind (however, they were probably furthest behind in Vista and 8), but they were always behind.

Looking at the new MacOS, I genuinely think that Microsoft offers a better experience now. While Android and iOS are still firmly battling, Windows just beats the living shit out of MacOS.

Windows is an OS built for either touch or mouse. If you use touch controls, the OS automatically adapts to it (larger context menus if you press and hold, smaller ones if you right click). You can enter tablet mode. The start menu has a good interface for both touch and mouse.

MacOS is an operating system designed for touch input on a device which famously has none.

It has fallen victim to a very common design error: too much fucking spacing. Every little thing, even items in a list, has a ton of pixels between them, and they all have rounded corners. Again, this is common for touch displays where you don't wanna fat finger stuff. But they don't offer a touch screen Mac and have expressed no interest in ever doing so.

Now they're going ARM on custom silicon. This is a good move in the long run, but it's going to be a rough couple of years. Apple admits two. You can probably reliably double that.

Is Apple killing the Mac on purpose or by accident?

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    Personally, I highly hope apple kills itself, even tho it is absolutely necessary to have something to go against Google.

    Once Google will be the only one I think we might have a lot of troubles.
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    Funny how similar my perception of Mac OSX vs Windows is, just a bit shifted in time. I saw Windows 2000 as somewhat behind, XP and Vista closing in and 7 ahead, which Windows remains ever since.

    iOS vs Android though? Comparing my private Android phone with my work-issued iPhone, iOS is so limited it's a "my first mobile" toy in comparison. Admittedly I'm somewhat of a power user.
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    @VaderNT it's easy to forget how computer illiterate people are. Android is complex for that reason, and Apple is the answer. I think they are competing very well. They fill the same market but different corners of it. I like both operating systems. Though I don't like Apple's notch. I much prefer my OnePlus 7
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    @AlgoRythm I agree, I sometimes forget that too and it's a good thing Apple makes simple things easy. Though they don't make complex things possible. My Android phone is basically a laptop replacement when I want (it has a freaking desktop mode!). The iPhone just can't keep up. And I think it could, if Apple wanted to. Well, at least I thought so, with the iOS-ification of macOS I'm getting unsure.
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    They can try to kill themselves, but nadella will just air drop more failure windows updates and gsods to counter and assure he's safe from anticompetition.
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