so my poor old hp bro is starting to give up on me after 3 years . there are both battery and performance issues. I knew its death was near when i got its keyboard replaced i saw its battery's state 6 months ago. it was fat as me . Now it can't live without the wire for more than 30 mins.

apart from that am getting frustrated with everyday performance of my system. all i open is 50 tabs of chrome and android studio where bitch gradle generates a billion byte sized files at million places and cache folders . (and sometimes a terminal and/or files and/or vscode).

I have decent specs tho i5 7th generation/8gb ddr4 ram/ 2gb nvidea graphics/ 1tb hdd. but still my ubuntu gets stuck everytime i switch between chrome and AS . (maybe i have not made correct swap partitions or maybe there is an issue due to ubuntu/windows dualboot)

what should i do ? I guess i have to spend some shit on a new battery. But apart from that, iwanted to know about performance. how to get a beter performance?

I have heard of solutions like getting an sdd or increasing ram, but am broke af and might not afford a 1tb ssd (yes i do need that much amount of memory, my system is currently at 650 something gb) and about ram i have heard it doesn't offer much improvements. is that true?What should i do?

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    Might try cutting off of gnome and onto i3 or similar. Will eliminate the possibility it's just gnome being gnome. Work laptop freezes at times context switching and it's an i7 x1 extreme with 64gb/ram
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    Can it take two satas?

    A 128GB ssd is $25. It could be the OS and app ssd. Put data on another sata or external drive. However, external drive for 4tb is like $100. So maybe not a solution.
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    @SortOfTested shit it's a gnome issue? That's the only thing that makes ubuntu usable for me. So what's the alternative to gnome that won't suck in context switching? Also bear in mind that i don't get Ubuntu much, but i would like to keep all the usual stuff working : nautilus/any other decent file manager, gedit, snap store , sudo for commands (not brew or pub or whatever other distros use), etc
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    @Demolishun it could i guess. My friend once told me he switched his optical drive with a ssd and joining it with some kind of temporary switch. But again his laptop fucks up once every 3 so i will definitely go towards a permanent soldering if i try that.

    My main question is that my AS runs from opt/ folder and makes a ton of cache in folders like /.android , some etc/ folders, nd in our project folder too(which i make in my own partition , say P: drive ) .

    How is everything going to work once i add an additional sdd? Would i be keeping my os there?
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    @StopWastingTime Going with an SSD is the fix! Having your OS on it will feel magically snappy :)

    Also most of the times, money spent on a new laptop battery is money wasted imo.
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    Buy an enclosure for your internal drive and use it via usb 3.0
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