When they say money doesn't grow on trees... Idle entrepreneur is in the works!

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    But it does not generate money in a number [of] seconds.
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    @melezorus34 it's a idle game lol, most idle games you make billions of stuff...
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    By definition, the most boring type of game.
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    @Root people have different opinions... This was my first game...
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    @RyanHTMLJS don't let people discourage you, everyone starts somewhere and everyone around here is angry for no reason. Plus, adventure capitalist was a huge success. I'm not saying your game is gonna be a success, but there are people out there that enjoy that type of game.
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    @RyanHTMLJS. Being a game dev, I am totally not trying to be discouraging! Literally anything but. Absolutely everyone with an interest should try their hand at it.

    I'm just not a fan of idle games.
    Like, at all.
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    Ah, I still fondly remember my Cookie Clicker game. What a glorious mess that was.
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