I threw some random android adware i found into a virtual device on my laptop (while swapping like a motherfucker, ofc) and it turns out, aside from the Draw over Other Apps, Install Apps, Location, and Storage permissions, and the blank name/icon, it's an honest-to-God working global ad blocker via VPN. It's shipping your traffic to China and filling your device full of more malware, but it's blocking ads too, so...? Is it worth gutting to remove the bullshit? (Can Android Studio do that?)

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    (Why is half my RAM dedicated to "buff/cache" according to top?)
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    @Parzi Because Linux always grabs all free RAM for caching instead of letting it sit unused. If an application requests RAM, the caches will be reduced.
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    @Fast-Nop it was still up at like 1.4GB when it decided to start swapping.
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    @Parzi There's a swappiness parameter somewhere, at least in usual Linux distros, and if you make it too swappy, performance can suffer.
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    @Fast-Nop it's a laptop with 4GB RAM and the virtual device was told to use 1GB of RAM. It decided to use 3.5GB instead. It's gonna swap a lot. (Thanks, android studio!)
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