Hey guys, this is my first rant/question so be gentle (please).

I've heard from my friends that there are some people who are really into privacy etc. So can you recommend best VPN(s) out there?

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    Proton VPN free is good enough for me
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    And @linuxxx is the guy ;)
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    I have a wireguard tunnel setup, works pretty well.
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    @beleg Thank you and that's very true!

    While ProtonVPN (@asgs) isn't the worst out there definitely, they have used Google's captcha (not sure if still) and required your phone number at registration till recently.

    For a privacy-serious company, those things are absolute no-go's.

    I'd recommend MullVad all the way. Affordable, transparent, FOSS clients and you can even send cash through postal as payment! Also, they give you an account number and that's literally everything they require by default.
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    Trusting randos on the internet over your friends is being a bad friend.

    Listen to @linuxxx. Any vpn will do for your stuff, just avoid nord and tunnelbear. Also check on it occasionally, vpn companies changing hands is a big source of problems.
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    @linuxxx Correction since i can't edit anymore; ProtonMail did the thing with reCaptcha, not sure about ProtonVPN (same company, though)
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    You can also set up your own on some $3-$5 vps on dO or linode, they have ready made images or scripts
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    @halfflat it's classmates so i never really asked for their devrant name, they just recommended the app (sorry)

    @linuxxx thank you

    @SortOfTested yes i trust randoms more because my friends don't really think much about privacy etc. Also why avoid nord and tunnelbear?

    @molaram I don't know if i feel up to that :D I just wanted something simple and secure.
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    Nord didn't disclose a hack

    Tunnelbear sold to mcafee, which raises privacy concerns. A small vpn company lives and dies by its security alone, McAfee is more likely to log your activity and keep your data. Re: Tunnelbear, it is unlikely that the American govt can compel a Canadian company to disclose data they do log. McAfee will flip on you bc it's Tuesday.
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    ExpressVPN is solid and is my choice: https://restoreprivacy.com/no-logs-...
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