> android 8
> linux kernel 3.18

this is a joke right

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    Android Q
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    But it has the vulerabilities patched. So it's all good! /S

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    Sadly that's pretty much the standards.
    Many smartphones rely on hardwares, with drivers that aren't in the kernel-tree and can't be easily ported to newer versions, thus requiring the vendors to ship outdated kernels.
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    My work involves, among other things, providing support for Fibre Channel switches made by Brocade (now Broadcom). Their kernels are even older:

    Linux version (swrel@hq1-ub-ecbld-390) (gcc version 3.4.6) #1 Thu Sep 17 18:47:00 PDT 2015
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    @SomeNone please bury those machines or port the drivers forward.

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    That's ancient even in debian terms
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    Isn't oreo from 2017? Don't see why you would expect a new kernel on there.
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    @hjk101 Android patch level is January 2019.
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    @Parzi those are security patches not upgrades. This is common practice with embedded systems. You don't need a shiny new kernel anyway. An optimised one for your hardware will do better. It can take a lot of effort to up the drivers to a new kernel version.
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