ADVICE: I’ve been assigned someone I was told was mid weight developer for a ‘fast paced project.’ I’ve quickly discovered he doesn’t understand core concepts and is likely very junior; this means I am picking up all the slack to cover for him.

We’ve had to ditch every PR he’s made so far and I’ve had to pair up with him to explain each one, from scratch, step by step.

Not sure what to do, he’s a nice guy, but I’m going to burn myself out if I have to do everything, it’s not acceptable and there is enough pressure on me already.

Do I request for him to be moved off the project, talk with him about my frustrations or raise my concern with the product owner with some evidence?

I get that no one comes to work to do a bad job, but I have my own shit to work on, and don’t fancy doing late night catch ups before every demo tbh

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    This is not an easy situation to deal with. I had that kind of experience few years ago and only thing I managed to do was hand hold for a few more months

    I wanted to shout at him, wanted to get him moved to another team and also wanted to report him to our manager. I ended up doing none of these. As in your case, he was a nuce fellow and was having a good attitude towards work. Though he showed progress, he was too slow

    You might have to talk to him personally and teach a few things as to how work should be done. And you can ask your manager/senior to allocate one more mentor to divide the time and effort spent. Wish you both the best
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    Tell me when you find out. Ive had a simular experience in my previous job.
    It started of with hes new with this technology, but he is an experienced programmer and can pick it up quickly. Even thi i was a junior and literally started few months before him. He kept making the same mistakes over and over. I had to push him to the edges of our program so we can have a healthy foundation and me not having to rely on his code. He couldnt even format his code ffs its two fucking keys and the ide does it for you. I grew to resent him and ended up switching stacks to get away from him. I regret not speaking up against him because he just didnt improve and kept taking credit for the poor soul that ended up working with him and blaming him for every mistake.
    My advice give him a chance, but speak up if he doesn't improve.
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