Do you ever just slump back in your chair when you decide to fix or lightly edit something and then suddenly a few things break for no reason? I do that a lot, especially when I'm working with Unity2D because the project im working on is in dependency hell. (Or what I, an amateur programmer see as dependency hell)

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    Why is your unity project in dependency hell?
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    @frogstair So, this game im working in (Which is open source) is multi-player, the server should be able to handle about 100 concurrent players at the same time. This means you need networking, fortunately other programmers have made scripts that do most of that networking stuff for you (For context we use the mirror networking library). Almost everything we use to do actions in the game depends on something else to work. This is usually fine but there are some parts where if you change even a few lines everything just breaks. It makes our lives easier to make new code but not edit old code that maybe a hundred things depend on.
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