why does apple scramble their crash logs in the first place, hiding incompetence ?

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    Scramble? - May look like a lot of gibberish at first, but the stack traces and addresses are actually really helpful - just try reading the docs like: https://developer.apple.com/library... .

    Wish more Linux distros had that as a default like Ubuntu.
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    @phorkyas no like you literally have to unscramble/decrypt the crash logs to actually get human readable information out of it on third party crash loggers, and getting those dSYM files is a pain in the ass.

    On android its just "you want stack traces, memory addresses, hell we even tell you what the fix might be for more common errors, its all in this file format even a toaster can read"
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    If someone is trying to identify exploit vectors, crash dumps can tell a lot about what is going on. That's really the only reason.
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