"the fight between tor and regimes that censor the internet is a fight of \"well that's not quite apache so it's tor\""

hear me out here:
then fucking don't be.

Switch it up a little, get creative! No one's gonna expect you to be relaying Tor through like a Minecraft chat or a fucking Doom server or over SFTP or Teamviewer or...

(of course it's not gonna be those protocols but they're already faking Firefox/Apache signatures so do that shit with other protocols)

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    One problem with that is that using statistics you would notice if a certain protocol or port is suddenly getting much mire traffic.

    Thats always a problem if the regime controls the pipe, the total amount of traffic is often small enough to monitor.

    Hiding it in the protocol with most traffic is easier to get away with.

    But you always fighting an up hill battle.

    Very short messages or sending things over time could work but it makes some usage impractical.
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    @Voxera hence why, ideally, you'd masquerade as many many different protocols, rolled at random on start or controlled by the directory node or something.
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    Something like using multiple VPN server?
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    @mr-user no, Tor makes itself look like Firefox talking to normal Apache to hide from packet analysis. What i'm saying is they could have a bunch of signatures to make themselves look like and rotate them occasionally.
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    Tor use different route everytime and I do not think signature will matter too much. Although it will be great if the user agent will change automatically.
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    @mr-user Not even user agent, they have to make their packets look like unmodded Firefox talking to Apache for their relay coordination and such so countries can't block them as easy, but they can just look like, i dunno... Chrome talking to Nginx, or an SFTP client talking to an SFTP server or a round of TCP/IP Doom 1 or
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    I'm sure someone has relayed tor via the minecraft protocol. Like come on that would be soo cool.
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    Translate the packet into a real FTP packet and send it to dedicated FTP server. What that server should do it translate the FTP command into a packet and send it to a destination.

    Making that server acts as middle who sole task translating real FTP packet into a packet we want and so on.

    The packet should not be encrypted because we wanted to fool whoever looking at our traffic with sniffer that we are just using FTP client and not a browser. If they can pin point a single person and know that person is using our program , it's game over.
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    @mr-user you understand, then. Hide in plain sight, I just propose having a variety of outfits to hide in.
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