Have anybody tried this Restaurant in the Center of Copenhagen: limonepiazza.dk
We are thinking about hosting the first company party after corona here.

Thank you

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    The place is fine and the food is awesome. Some classical recipes have been oddly modified but still good food.

    I just don’t think they will allow hookers tho. But you can find a hotel a couple streets away.
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    @DanishDynamite what kind of party are you looking for, and does it have to be Copenhagen?
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    @molaram I'm kinda worried about what "classical receipes" means up there

    Seriously what kind of pizzas do you have in Denmark? Now I'm curious

    Btw the name of the place means literally "lemon square". Mh.
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    @dmonkey I'm not from dk, just happened to go there for lunch a few times. Didn't mean anything else than some meals got fucked sideways by too much spice and shit. The cooks must have had too much coffee back then. Coffee is great tho.
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