I have a job interview tomorrow, and it appears to be a great opportunity. Could you guys suggest some questions I could ask the interviewer about the company, and some questions I should ask about the job too?

I was thinking about asking about the corporate culture, and about the company's vision.

But apart from thr company, I would love to know about the job too. I have always ever been employed as a contractor and freelancer. So I nevrr really had to do kuch in interviews, but I'd love some help as this would be my first ever interview.

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    Is that so? Then take every opportunity to ask, but don't look like a spy :)
    Hey, good company shows itself on your fingertips. You didn't mention the specialization of the firm, but I guess you are going to know it soon.

    Ask about salary near by the end of interview. I guess you can take a lot of intelligence from Joshua Fluke's channel on Youtube and get additional help in his discord server.
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    @vintprox from the snooping around I have done, they're a digital agency. The department I would be joining is Web Development. I was invited to apply as the team lead.

    I actually passed the "first screening" which was them asking a few questions (including salary expectations). After which they invited me for an interview.

    I'll check out the Youtube channel, thank you for that!! :)
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    Ask about future of your role. I was interviewed and they wanted to push me into management role where I would eventually no longer code. I would supervise people that do. That did not interest me at all.

    I work at a diff company now and my manager is owner/manager/coder/elec engineer. So I know they won't try and take coding away.
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    Definitely do not ask how what the ratio of men to corporate prostitutes are. Unless you do so in a borat accent and record it.

    Probably don't do that
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    @SortOfTested hahaha note taken.
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    @SortOfTested But definitely wear Borats swimsuit.
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    * How does the team plan their tasks?
    * Are devs encouraged to come up with new tasks and be creative?
    * Which teams do the devs collaborate with the most?
    * Strategy for testing and releasing new features
    * How do you evaluate happiness and performance among customers and the team?
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