How do u use vue, in a web project, like what for? Worth exploring ?

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    You use it as plain as JavaScript can be, with few exceptions: properties of the component are wrapped with getters and setters under the hood, so reactive magic happens, and redundantly
    consuming DOM operations are avoided in every way possible by comparing past and new states represented in Virtual DOM.
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    Vue acts as your view layer. It provides reactiveness and the idea of components, all while conforming to standard JavaScript and requiring no external tooling what so ever. All you need is a script tag. If you don't mind tooling though, there is a bunch of great ones out there which makes the experience even better.

    I'd say the best thing about Vue is that it's so damn simple. So yeah, absolutely worth learning.

    I guess it's biggest downside is that it's not React. And everyone is looking for react developers.
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    I use it to make small parts of my UI more dynamic (90% is server rendered plain html). I mostly like it because I can just do that and write components in some small separate files and just put a custom tag in the server-rendered html.

    So data stuff, dynamic tables with lots of data, dynamic orders (it's a bookkeeping app I'm thinking of)
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