Proudest bug squash experience?

Fixed a N+1 pattern bug on our web site. Wasn't a deeply technical problem, but I was proud to shove the fix up the arse of the developer who blamed me (and even got a VP involved) for the web site crashes (the N+1 involved his code calling a service I wrote) and none of the half-dozen other devs found it.
I really wanted to make a t-shirt with his initial 'blame' email outlining all the 'technical problems' with my service, and the fix was literally moving the service call outside 5 (yes 5) level deep for..each loops.

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    5 levels deep... I think the most I have ever written was 2 levels deep for mapping graphics.
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    Good eye. If I had a dollar for every time I've found that code in shit I'd left pristine. One of the reasons I hate handing my code off to any AM-type situation. I know everything good about it will be replaced with C^N logic.
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