This is gonna be a long one....
A lesson I learnt the hard way - never go out of your way to help friends with their coding. I helped her always, sat with her on the phone and explained and taught and solved her problems for hourssss while delaying my own work, while losing my sleep, even during pregnancy, I helped somehow as much as was possible even when I was drowning in my own work, even when I’m was not okay myself. But, once in a while I am too full, I also have work, now I also have an infant to take care of as well, and yeah sometimes I CAN be too busy to help!!!!! I have my own life too!! At these times she says “oh you don’t help me anymore”. It’s so annoying seriously What the fuckkkkk and after this shit happened a few times, I expressed my annoyance and she says, oh it was a joke. But then repeated it. And I still feel bad in refusing to help when asked. But lesson learnt that I won’t put myself behind, I’ll help only when I have nothing else to do.

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    Cowards who rely on passive-aggressive "joke" comments are painful to deal with. She wants to be entitled to your help but doesn't want to be called out when she expresses it so she masks it as a "joke". Ignore her next time. Her needy bullshit is not your problem. The only way to appease her is to go out of your way to help her again and I don't think people who are this ungrateful deserve any help.

    Good choice.
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    As an additional point, It always annoys me when a coder just comes asking for help at the slightest problem.

    As someone who spends hours trying to solve a problem, debugging, coming up with new idea's etc, it irritates me when someone just gives up in less than 5 mins.

    People need to learn the art of self-learning.
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