Angular and MVC really slows shit down, doesn't it?

I added 1 (one) page which displayed two data grids,straight out of a database procedure. Here's the head count:

- 13(!!!!!) New files
- 5 old ones modified
- Build process on both server and client side (Visual Studio build and ng build)

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    Thats the nature of the beast. One new component in angular is 4 new files and one modified unless you inline stuff. But if you want strongly typed frontend framework for massive projects its a must.
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    @24th-Dragon I'm not so sure I would ever choose angular of my own accord.

    I don't even like their templating flow. Handlebars is like Angular, but it actually reads well. Fuck *ngIf
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    Break that shit up. Microsoft's angular setup is absolute fucking garbage.

    - host a staticfiles middleware supplied endpoint to serve the dist folder content
    - run ng build --watch in the background
    - use ng route
    - if for some reason you feel like causing yourself undue suffering by letting .net render views, use angular elements

    In docker containers, mount a volume to allow you to serve the contents of the angular build, it will update itself automatically if you're not on windows or wsl. If you are you'll need to restart the container occasionally. Create a few debug build configurations to support this, ideally use env vars to supply the config for things like dist folder location.
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    @SortOfTested I honest to God wish the passionless dinosaurs at my work did anything like that, but the way we deploy to production? Copy and paste. Want a file removed? Removing it from source control isnt enough. You gotta call the server guys and ask for it to be removed.

    My job is so low tech that every day I can't wait to go home and try things out the right way.

    I can't even complain that they aren't teaching me anything. They're actually doing better: they're frustrating me enough to seek out things on my own.
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    @AlgoRythm i haven't tried handlebars. I would rarely chose angular over vue outside of work. I like vue but i couldnt really get it to play nice with typescript and if you look up anything vue youll find js solutions.
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    Been there, feel for ya. In this case though, it's definitely not angular's fault. It does incremental builds, et al just like msbuild does. Hang out til corona job issues clear up and head for greener pastures.
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    @SortOfTested Junior dev with 6 months of experience and counting. My greener pastures are at least a year and a half away.

    It's fine though. I'm fucking 20. People my age are just getting their first promotion at McDonald's, while I have better insurance than my parents.
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    @AlgoRythm been in exactly the same position. Ended up leaving a year and a half in. Things didnt look well. get some offers even tho i wasnt looking. Decided to reply and also apply to places i liked. Never looked back
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    @24th-Dragon I don't wanna spend less than two years at any place. Employers might think I'm a job hopper
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    I've got told im not cut for this field because i care for code quality and get mad when i see brainless implementations.
    "It just has to work"
    Oh corporate world...
    Where are you greener pastures?
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