The Dragon book has arrived

Yup some folks don’t like it some stuff is missing and it’s not presented in a different way but it’s still the compiler book of compiler books

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    Nice keyboard flash
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    There's something nostalgic about covers like this. Rich in colors and disorganized details unlike the pastel perfection crap we see these days. I love it.
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    @rutee07 couldn’t agree more lol. I like this edition more than the purple dragon version.. the green dragon is interesting aswell.
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    Nice! Are you planning to write a compiler? I just got my grandfather’s dragon book out a couple weeks ago and have been trying to make something
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    @FelisPhasma I am planning todo that yes.
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    @FelisPhasma and NOICE!! I wish I had family who was into software. That’s really neat you grandfather was
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