Why... why they have to be like that?

https://github.com/micro/micro/... was reported 11 days ago, I have this issue with the dashboard inside docker than registers no services nor clients, a shame because this enables testing and that comes handy specially if you have never ever done micro-services.

Despite linking to a minimal example that reproduces the issue I have in my project I'm not getting any support from the developers of Go Micro other than "use the latest Docker image, it shouldn't panic", sadly others give it a try too but their directions won't fix the problem.

So this makes me wonder, after 11 days and a minimal reproducible example provided from day one, why no developer have offered any hint of what I'm doing wrong? they know their software, it should be easier for them to spot why the bloody dashboard is not working as it should.

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    I've been thinking on switching to another "framework", if Go Micro's dashboard is a goody that I cannot enjoy, I see no reason to stick with it specially if the developers allow themselves to remain unhelpful...
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    This suggests your current log might be full of false flags:


    You're not getting anywhere until you're past the service discovery blackout.
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    Lol some bugs last years, 11 days is nothing in software development
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    @catholic-emacs wow almost sounds like u are paying them or something. The entitlement.
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    @zemaitis wow you're such a troll
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    @SortOfTested not sure what I'm doing, but added a TTL and a register interval. I acknowledge those errors 500 from go.micro.client due to the connection to my service (I believe) was refused.

    But beyond that and waiting for a while, dunno what else to do at this point...
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    at least `micro list` works, there is an output and no sign of my example service, makes me wonder but I guess that is because the connection errors (the error 500 I mentioned before)
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