I needed to send feedback through email, so I use thunderbird as my default email client, and as soon as I hit the send button, the message failed to send, where then I’m prompted to login to my gmail account on my computer.

Hey google, go fuck yourself. Gmail on computer is a fucking piece of trash. If you had not shut down inbox just yet, then I would use that. Gmail takes like over 40 seconds to load on my computer, which is why I use thunderbird because of that. I refuse to use your horrible piece of trash website and now you want me to login again. Seriously just fuck you.

Also, I’ve been getting Chinese spam in my main inbox rather than in the spam folder ever since this COVID/coronavirus shit started. Know any better choices? I would like something that is free, as long as they don’t have an affiliation and/or partnership with google.

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    90% of my legit business mail out of google gets listed as spam by... google and everyone else.

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    @molaram if. You're doing business with an @gmail.com email, I can see why. If youre hosting your email through Google suite there are dns entries to fix that.
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    @demortes lol? I have the paid google suite and all records set up. let me guess, I should contact support? did that already, all I got was typical autoresponder bullshit. truth is they have no control over it or maybe they''re just discarding us as collateral damage.
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    @molaram k, good luck. I've never had that problem so either your shits really high report rate of spam or you just suck. Good luck.
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