Can someone answer me a question about Wireguard?
I couldn't find an answer to it online.

I know WG supports roaming, so switching a connection to a different route.

But how does WG handle multiple valid routes, before a connection can be established?

Eg, when I'm at home I could have 3 valid routes.
Connecting over LAN.
Connecting over public IP of the router.
Connecting to a vserver, using it as a bridge to connect to my server, if it's behind a firewall.

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    It is a vpn solution over UDP. Who cares where your traffic comes from?
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    My question was more about how it chooses, which route to use.
    Obviously, over LAN is faster than sending everything over a vserver in Ireland.
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    @metamourge Hmmm.
    Maybe read about BGP? Essentially - you don't care about the way your packets are routed to your destination...... as long as they get there. Eventually.
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    Check your local routing table. All packets have to be routed somewhere, so the path used by Wireguard will be whatever route is meant to be used to reach your remote server's ip before you turn Wireguard on.
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