There are clients who always suggest an idea then after they suggest they will say "...again don't do this yet, its not a big deal blah blah blah"
Then the other day they will ask if their idea is already implemented.


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    "Yeah, when I said it wasn't a priority I meant any time tomorrow would be fine"
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    Always always always talk about feature additions as a change of scope. New timeline, new budget. Always.
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    People like that have made me realize that starting a business and making money that puts you in a position to order around skilled people is something literally anyone can do.
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    All it takes is access to capital. So, maybe not everyone, but anyone who can swing that.

    Joining a company someone else started to be a useless piece of shit manager is definitely something anyone can do though. It's my long-standing refrain about engineers never being able to compete with full time politicians.
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    @SortOfTested Especially when anyone you could show their corruption/uselessness to with the authority to do something about it is also corrupt/useless. 🙄😞

    That's when you know the company is doomed and you need to leave. The wise man jumps ship when the icebergs start steering.
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    I am not entirely sure what cahoots is, but I am quite confident they are all in it together.
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