It’s throw back Thursday!

Back to 1979... before the time of the red dragon book compiler book, (forgetting about the green dragon book) ... there was a time where only a few well written compiler and assembler “theory” books existed.

What’s special about this one? Well Calingaert was the co patentor of the OS/360. .. “okay soo? ... well Fred Brook’s Mythical Man-Month book I posted the other day. Calingaert is basically the counterpart of brooks on the OS/360.

Anyway, the code is in assembly (obviously) and the compiler code is basic.

Other than this book and from my understanding 2-3 other books that’s all that was available on compilers and assemblers as far as books written goes at the token.

ALLL the rest of knowledge for compilers existed in the ACM and other computing journals of the time.

Is this book relevant today, eh not really, other than giving prospective, it’s a short in comparison to the red dragon books.

If you did read it, it’s more of a book that gives you more lecture and background and concepts.. rather than here’s a swath of code.. copy it and run.. done.. nope didn’t happen in this book.. apply what you lean here

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    Preach 🙏🏽
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    "Nice keyboard flash"

    @ScriptCoded Too slow, mate *Winks*
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    @Jilano Not cool *cries inside*
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    Nice keyboard flash
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    I’m probably gonna track this down, compilers & parsers in general fascinate me and I’m very curious about Assembly implémentations of compilers.

    I’m loving these book posts you’re definitely adding to my library with some worthy entrees.
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    Damn, these images could become wallpapers. They look really good.
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    @ScriptCoded That's what you get from taking a nap

    @Bybit260 There is indeed a certain "je-ne-sais-quoi" to them. OP is probably a photographer and not a dev.
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    @Jilano Bybit260 I have a hobby/enjoy photography, but i am definitely not a professional. Haha but thank you !
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    @Bubbles, being a self taught programmer, dropping out of college because it wasn’t for me, and I wasn’t learning anything, I learned everything I know from books, mentors and experience. But books is the biggest key imo to success.

    I have soo many books. I will continue the daily book posts, lol again the intent was to steer away from the political posts. I think it’s kinda working or atleast a change something different on here.
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    @Jilano I WAS ON A WALK IN THE WOODS! *heavy breathing*
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    @QuanticoCEO I am also self taught and so I can relate a lot I cannot wait to see and obtain the rest of your library.
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    Hunh, did not know about this one.
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    @ScriptCoded OP doesn't live near the wood, try again!

    (Not that it's related in anyway to your walk)
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