I have finally decided to stop helping people setup a proper machine learning environment inside of their machines with Proper GPU support.


Goggle Colab, EVERYONE is getting dey ass sent to Colab. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK about privacy and shit like that at this fucking moment, getting TIRED af of getting messages about someone somehow fucking up their CUDA installation, and/or their entire machine (had one dude trying to run native GPU support through WSL 2, their machine did not have the windows update version 2004 and he has on an older build, upon update he fucked everything up EVEN THOUGH I TOLD HIM NOT TO DO IT YET)

.......fuck it, I am sending everyone to Colab. YES I UNDERSTAND THAT PRIVACY IS A THING and Goggle bad and all that jazz......but if you believe in Roko's Basilisk then I AM DOING THEM A FAVOR

I work hard to get our robot overlords into function, let it be known here, I support our robot overlords and will do as much as possible to bring them to life and have me own 2b big tiddy with a nice ass android.

I should also mention that I've had a few drinks on me already and keep getting these messages.

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    ++ for Basilisk reference
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    Also: why would I care what happens to a simulation of me? The Basilisk holds no power over me.
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    I mostly check out stuff from github using docker run --runtime=nvidia lol
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    @vane i ain't about to give these assholes a crash course on docker lol
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    @Root the basilisk will hold power over all of us!!!
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