A friend asked me a few days ago if I could maybe be interested in making their small company a website and accompanying CMS, because none of the out-of-the-box solutions seem to suit their needs. I agreed to think about it - at least let's see what the requirements are and so on, and see if I could and should do it or maybe redirect and point them to a better direction. Always help a friend in need is my motto. And to clarify, with these people I can be sure they're not considering this a friend favor (i.e. doing something for free, or for really cheap), but these people tend to be willing to pay relatively well.

But to the question: I've never done freelance work on this field - I have absolutely no idea how to evaluate the value of my work, e.g. how much should I ask? And what are the things I should take into account and think of differently versus being on full-time payroll in some company?

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    srsly how the F can someone not find a CMS in 2020? there's like a fuckton of them out there
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    @molaram beats me. I guess they really have no idea what they're doing, so I'll just fish out their reqs and specs and try to figure out the best solution for them.
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    @100110111 well I did run into this guy who wanted a wordpress plugin in his blog with virtually every facebook feature back then...he got ripped off by some guys in india and gave up
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