Question for people familiar/knowledgeable about hardware keys;

Do you know if the OnlyKey could be considered safe/secure and if not, any idea as for alternatives?

My requirements would be nearly all the features that OnlyKey has, water/shockproof and the system should at least be open source.

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    I think I saved a thread about hardware key on reddit somewhere.

    I'll update when I find it
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    Haven't found it yet, but I did take a look at OnlyKey. It sounds nice, honestly!

    Not sure there are many as resilient as the one you mentioned, but SoloKeys is apparently working on one model at least: https://solokeys.com/blogs/news/...
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    I recall one of my profs here saying that hardware keys aren't as great as one would think, I've forgotten the argument though. I'll try to find it.
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    @Jilano Thanks! I think I'll just go for the OnlyKey and get this one once it's released! (I'm actually a solokey fan so not that difficult of a decision)
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