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Before doing any systems programming you should definitely read this book... most people think they know what they are doing but in fact they are completely clueless and the worst part is you don’t realize how clueless you are... you don’t know what you don’t know nor do you know how much you really don’t know.. a most people are part of this group, including myself lol.

Computers are much more than a bunch of CPUs, buses and peripherals. (Embedded folks realize this). But this goes beyond embedded this is a systems book, on architecture of computers in general.

Learning only java and the java/C# python and the others SDK/Api and spending your life with horse blinders for what’s going on below only sets you up for failure in the future, and when you that point it’s gonna be a shocker. Could be tomorrow could be 20 years from now, but most people with those horseblinders get to that point and have that “experience” no avoiding the inevitable lol.

I really enjoyed this book in their quantitative approach to teaching the subject. Especially understanding parallelism and multi core systems.

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    I would recommend the other Patterson and Hennessy book (Computer Organization) first. This is much better as your second comp arch book.
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    @RememberMe okay I agree with that lol I will post that one another day... this is more of the “grad” class book.. the other book is more the undergrad version of the book. But I agree with you
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    @QuanticoCEO can I also recommend Superscalar Microprocessor Design by Mike Johnson, it's a small book, couple of dollars used on Amazon, but a nice overview of the design decisions and techniques.
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    @RememberMe that one I’ll have to get, thanks for sharing
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    Nice keyboard flash
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