If you are reading Coding for dummies book to learn software you are doing it alllll wrong lol ... Please while I appreciate your effort and willingness to try but no.. just no.. put the book down that book won’t teach you shit.

Same thing if you are one of those folks who got conned into believe “you can land a programming gig by signing up and paying for this 6 week course!!” Bullshit.. I like your initiative but there’s soooooo much more than that and it won’t even touch the surface. You will end up believing a false reality that you think you know what your doing but you don’t know how much you really don’t know. But like it doesn’t even scratch the surface don’t even attempt Get a job after those courses or coding for dummies book. You will be laughed at..

In fact I almost want to buy the coding for dummies book to have it in my collection of software books to not read. Which I will say is very small. There’s more really good books than really bad.. and obviously plenty of average. But the bell curve lands above the better half.

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    @M1sf3t I found the pdf just to see what matterial the book covers and how and all that.. literally probably the single worst absolute worst software book ever to be published.. most the portions of the book tell you to go to some website to learn it.. it’s like ugh then wtf is the point of this book... it’s like the cliff notes of cliff notes something else. Like almost no code for a book called “coding”.. and the little bit of code is like JavaScript or html.. and html is not code.. it’s markup period .. like wtf.. ohhh it’s sooo bad it’s embarrassingly bad.. like might buy it just to have the worst book on the subject bad.. lol
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    @M1sf3t I have the logic and design book but I haven’t read that one I only bought it on eBay because it was cheap and I kinda collect books lol. I always think to my self.. what’s gonna happen if google went poof or something happened to the internet like the movies and it all has to be rebuilt.. someone needs to have the books on hand HAHAHJAHAH!
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    @M1sf3t oh dear those last two books like these types of shit is why old people never understood technology they bought books that didn’t teach them shit ! And they were still confused
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    @M1sf3t haha you better watch eBay like a hawk.. I’m on it daily when I wake up in the morning and at lunch time, look for good book deals, I had to expand the search terms as I bought so much i couldn’t find anything a didnt already have. Lol
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    @M1sf3t oh that’s terrible I’m sorry for you, you shouldn’t give up tho. Keep trying try to figure out why. Don’t ever give up.
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    Go ahead and show them better resources then! Personally, I have a collection of good shit to read that I recommend to people in at least 3 different languages: PHP, Javascript and Python. And would only recommend certain paid books for each one of them, definitely not "For Dummies" books.

    Java is a special topic for me, I have known Java for so long I can't for the life of me remember where I started to learn it, I can't remember if it was some pdf I got somewhere, some tutorials online or what, I just know that I know the language and I hate it.
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