Trying to do something "particular"on linux. Prepare yourself to have 30+ tabs of browsing opened.

BUT ! it's strating to work ! (I'm doint some bizzare SQL stuf to speed up my DataBase deployment in local and be able to get a fresh copy of production in under 30 seconds)


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    Why not dockerize the db for local? 🤔
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    @SortOfTested It still needs to copy external database for that. Pretty slow. 1 week ago time for : Export production, deploy on local server was 8 minutes. (Around 3 GB database).
    Now it’s done in 35 seconds.
    I think I can do even better but I’m fighting bash at this point. I have “!!” in my password for prod DB, well, one of 2 thiongsa :
    I need to encode it in bash
    .Bet core can;’t accept these symbols
    Sqlpackage utility can’t do ‘!!” in a password.

    And I went with what I know : Hyper-V, Ubuntu (server 20 LTS), MS Sql server on linux and production databases are in Azure. (Azure Sync is shit and requires additional database (which you pay)).

    So the flow will be : Each 2-3 nights a bacpac file is generated from prod and deployed to “Source DB” on local server. Then I have a script which can copy to another Tmp database. Which I use while developing and fucking up data. So the last step takes less than 30 secs, I can get ubder 15 I think.
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    Cool thing about docker, you can actually just do a restore against the base image, apply the restore, save the current layer, and tag a version. Users then pull the version and it will get just the update.

    It's how we handle large db backup integrity checks.
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    @SortOfTested Damn bash !!!

    puting in signe quotes ' instead of " magiclly works ands '!!' is acepted.

    I'll try docker one day, just no real need for now
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    Single is literal string, double supports interpolation
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    @SortOfTested Thanks. Now I want to murder the person who implemeted it. Like really ? WHY ???

    But it's working now lol.
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    Is what it is. .Net borrows that for it's 'char', "str", @"literal", $"interpolation" strategy. Powershell also features the same rule.
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    @SortOfTested I can understand it. But right now I’m so happy, everything works.
    The bizarre setup with Azure SQL, Windows server 2012, Hyper V, Ubuntu 20 LTS (as VM), Sql server on this Ubuntu and a snchro script.

    And a small Storedproc to make a fast Db copy.
    But yeah I lost like 30 mins on this “!!” thing in a password (and “ vs ‘).
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