I think this is both a blessing and a curse for me.

Whenever I'm developing something, I ALWAYS keep coming up with new (good) feature ideas WHILE programming. Now, this isn't as bad because they enrich the software/service mostly but goddamn, it's so fucking annoying when I'm working on a certain function/feature and I change stuff three motherfucking trillion times before finishing it because I keep coming up with fifteen billion new ideas.

In the end it's all worth it but at some moments it gets really fucking annoying.

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    @pxeger I have this same issue with a note taking application/service I'm writing 😅
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    @pxeger I'm heavily focussing on user privacy haha. Everything possible e2e encrypted, everything anonymous, most functionality that note taking apps have but; unlimited categories and sub-categories and sub-sub-categories.... aaaaand so on :)
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    I relate so hard it’s not even funny
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    One of the few good uses I find for Amazon echoes or similar. Don't need to switch focus, just say "Alexa add blah to feature list" or similar and then revisit it later.
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    @AlmondSauce I'd actually agree! Only, I wouldn't use a service which is linked to a mass surveillance company but probably some FOSS assistant :)
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    Me too. That's when it get to agile programming.
    All the new features put them in the backlog for version 2, 3, etc
    Just beware abt data structure so that it can handle the new features while being backward compatible.
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    You could just say I will finish all the feature in version 1. Every good idea that seem to come up can be implemented in version 2.
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    @mr-user yes.
    But the problem is that some features in v2 are not backward compatible, and software migration in production is hell especially when u may have some of the oser with v1 and others with v2.
    (For mobile dev at least lol)
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    That why I put all computation to the server side and make api backward compatible.

    Making api backward compatible is not very hard.
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