Recent VM/Emulation Adventures:

The goal was to get TCP/IP and SSH running on whatever weird VM/emulated machine, and connect to the chatroom at chat.tcp.direct successfully.

Longhorn, somewhere late pre-reset: Crashes right after installer begins "Starting Windows", 0x7b from sum-match ISO. Fail.

TempleOS (well, Shrine, but y'know): Dear god. No. No, I am not writing SSH in HolyC myself *fuck that,* fail.

Slackware: oh ffs i gotta use fdisk to partition this damn thing? and it's not even the good fdisk? Oh, wait... it hangs. Fail.

WinME: shockingly, was *fairly* stable... until it hung up WASAPI and the hypervisor two frames into desktop rendering. Fail.

Mac OS 7: First-boot after install, immediate unknown trap. Just works, eh? Fail.

Amiga: After about 85 resets and 7 hours of constant fighting with WinUAE, I finally got TCP/IP working. (Required 10MB of total RAM and an FPU to connect.) Success!

Win98FE: just... PuTTY and done. Easy. (This was the warmup.) Success...

Other people's achievements so far:

- Minecraft using the new QEMU interface mod thing.
- Hacked smart fridge.
- iPhone, from custom initramfs.

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    If anyone has any suggestions for systems meeting the following criteria, post it:

    - Must have emulator available
    - Must have TCP/IP implemented
    - Must have network support in emulator
    - Must have SSH or a Linux build with standard toolchain for itself (i'm not suffering through yalls fucking gay-ass dkP toolchains and shit again! keep your custom-ass distribution programs away from me!)
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    - Plan 9 (kind of standard bit different)
    - AIX (regular UNIX; if you find a 7.2 image, write me; 7.1 does not work in QEMU)
    - z/OS (has a unix mode, but you start in a different environment, you also need a special telnet programming to access; there is a torrent for the 2006 version available; the emulator is hercules; SSH can be installed).
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    What am I missing? Why is plain old debian unacceptable?
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    @bahua the fun is in the suffering
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    Try ReactOS!
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    Or BeOS!
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