I’m slacking been so busy, forgot to post yet another book..

Soo here ya go..Engineering A Compiler.

For those who don’t like the Red Dragon compiler book for whatever reason, most don’t like it because they don’t believe the dragon book covers topics in a “Teachy way” and doesn’t explain certain things. As well as not cover one topic.

Then this may be the book for you. It’s significantly newer than the “Dragon book” and I believe it does do a better job laying out for “learning”.. I could see this book being used in universities.. I’m sure it is, but mine never had a compiler course so whatever. Good book

Fun fact.. it references the dragon book, as well as the other books the dragon book authors wrote as well as articles in the ACM..AND! It also references Knuths art of computer programming and other books of knuth AND references the Algorithms book. All books I have previously posted.

I have not read this book, only skimmed as I have recently received it this one. May do a follow up or even at it to the list to make a YouTube playlist going chapter by chapter thru the book.

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    *pops a blotter, stares at cover*
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    Love this book, great modern pairing with the the dragon book.
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    If you don't mind , can you please tell me why and how do you read these books?

    I couldn't understand the why because, judging by your name, i don't think a ceo would needing much of a programming knowledge in their daily life.

    And i couldn't understand the "how" because i don't understand the how to "read" programming books in general. Should i be just mugging up the programs? Should i be making notes on them? Should i be trying to run them in some language? I get confused. What is your approach to *reading* programming books?
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    @curioustools so, I am a CEO at my own start up, on my own time, we have about 10 people. Half are software. I am the lead software engineer/architecture so I guess CTO aswel.

    But anyway that’s only a side thing, my 9-5 job is lead senior software engineer for another company.

    So how do I have time todo it? I’m always researching and learning more. I don’t watch tv and this is the only real social media I use. I don’t vacation much I spend what would be vacations learning more shit. I work close to 16-18 hours a day sometimes 20. And I work the weekends. Seems overwhelming but I have adhd, so I always gotta he doing something and when I’m lazy and doing nothing i get bad anxiety that I’m wasting time.. only 24 hours in a day and I try to use the most of it. I hate sleeping to me it’s such a waste of time lol. I have so much to accomplish and never enough time in the day.

    Eating lunch I read books like this, search forums for topics. I spend a lot of time also mentoring junior engineers both my company and the company I work for.

    How do I read programming books? Um idk I just read them, many times I don’t go cover to cover on a book, and I will go thru a book many times.. as I typically end up skimming, until I find something I need and then read word for word. Idk lol my office is filled with printed patents stacked up for material to read and learn from... book ls scatter about it’s all reference material imo..

    Very few of the stuff at this point In my career ends up being purly tutorial based.. as in okay how to make a compiler step one step 2 etc... for me it’s more like I need more detail of something.. or I need a higher level concept of something or lower level detail..

    Also I don’t believe CEOs should be dumb.. i don’t like managers who are dumb.. I want my mangers and CEO to be technical people..
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    @curioustools personally I don’t like using traditional mangers .. my use case is Leads are the architect of the system see the vision understand what needs to be done, can do both low and high of the project and can assit the other tream members where they get stuck... like “wise elders” or “high priests” of a ancient society... lol ...

    Hopefully that answers your question
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    I'm just the chief problem solver at my firm. Good to see you arent falling into the trap of creating hierarchy before you need it 😋

    I want to sell out before we have need for a CTO.
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    @SortOfTested yeah I can’t stand hierarchical bullshit. If the person thinks they are too good to get down and debug and write code or design or do engineering work because of some damn title.. no point.. paper pushers, “look good Sales people” are pointless to me. Sure not all engineers can interface with customers or sell a product.. but I refuse to hire someone who has just a masters of bullshit / business or whatever the fuck. If you don’t understand the technical side of things wtf am I paying you for in a technical company.. gtfo I’ll find someone else who is mentally capable of both.
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