People who dont know shit about technology and dont know how much work is required to make a product are commenting on how software should be made. (Pure management background people not even senior level).
- PS. Im fine with management people with tech background.

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    IT in 2020. Get thee to a startup. 😊
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    I had a friend argue with me for 30 mins earlier about the condition of the brake rotors on the car he just paid a whole 1k for and that they didn't require turning or changing.

    Yet his whole reason for having to buy the car was because his girlfriend had just flipped and totaled his other one not 3 days after we got into the same fucking argument in which he decided to just get someone else to slap new pads on for him and be done with it. Can't imagine the two being related 🙄
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    Nothing to do with pure vs tech management, what you have are just idiots. A good manager woul take all this into account and do background research to see what the realities are like.
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