Friend asked me to make a site for her dad. Seems like he just wants a simple static site. Working for a friend's relative is not a good idea, is it? What's the chance of this going south?

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    Every chance
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    It will go well. In the beginning.
    Then you will have constant “hey could you just adjust this mini thing ? Shouldn’t take long”.
    You’ll do it. And then “Hey, could you add blog, payement processor and this machine learning thing I heared about ?” “No, what do you mean ? It take you like 10 minutes!”
    And you lose a friend in process.
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    I think it really depends on the individuals though.

    A few risks:

    * Free lifetime changes.

    * Lose Friendship.

    * Awkwardness
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    I’ll give you an example, I’m starting to use.

    Imagine you have a friend who works as a cleaning lady.

    Would you ask her come over every week to clean your house juste because it’s her job and she should do it for friends ?
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    I already said no.

    @NoToJavaScript that's basically what I was afraid of. Also that's a pretty good analogy.

    @Mandrake yeeea. Just imagine if I end up having a fight with her dad because of some "simple feature" and then one day meet him. That'd be aaawkward.
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    First get to know what her dad is doing.
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    @vane Good idea, maybe he does something useful, like a craftsman, and could give "free" work in return. That would be a bargain for both sides because the government won't take at least half of the money.
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    @Fast-Nop or start selling his soul ( product ) for commission then all of his pals come and you accidentally own big e-commerce corporation and amazon wants to buy you out and you say fuck off bezos and he fucks off instead lowering commission to get you broke and then you woke up on street and get recognized by some millionaire who saw you on some newspaper and he gives you money and you hire man to fuck bezos in the ass so his eyes explode and he did it cause he’s uber driver and then spaceship comes cause they want more teslas same like sent to space....
    sick shit it’s good he just resigned
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    @vane That amount of improbability drive isn't infinite, but should at least suffice to drive your car, shouldn't it?
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    @Fast-Nop probably, unless reptilians put a chip in your head when they make you a driving license photo.
    Remember that some camera flashlights are in fact alien technology that puts bug in your head transferred trough your eyes and scans your mind for FAMG.
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    @vane You should not reveal our secrets to mortals.

    Your seat in shadow government is now revoked and you will be transferred to Area 69 for some prompt reconditioning program.
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    @NoToJavaScript Nobody gives a shit about anything further than the end of their nose so I don’t bother. We are just reproduction machines and cheap labor to search impossible dreams of dumb fucks who think they’re smart. Best years are 20-40 then we are put on hold and recycled. If we’re lucky enough to live that long, don’t end up on street and in a meantime managed to give life to someone and find some love our life is complete. We even don’t know who push us to write such bullshit. Yeah nobody bothers one random person in the internet.
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    Introduce them to wix, and runaway!
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    @M1sf3t I have done this with a few friends and family. Especially when all they needed is a landing page or some “about me” or a store page. I setup the accounts, the domain. Then sit with them as they build their own site. Get my 20-40$ dollars, and never hear from them again.
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    May you have a long life after you complete the site!
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