Actually not a rant, I just want to share my happiness with you guys. Finally I broke out of a startup, and got accepted to an international big company. Cannot wait for the things I’ll learn there, it’s so exciting! (Yep, this is a very big milestone for me as an autodidact programmer.)

Any advice you can give to me? What was your biggest achievement so far in your carreer?

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    Getting out of a big international company for a startup.

    (Edit: ...as a self-taught)
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    Brace yourself. Soul crushing bureaucracy is coming like nothing you've ever known.
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    Politics, so much politics.
    Reorgs, so many reorgs!

    If you do any kind of creative or innovative work, nothing will ever be a product. Don't get mad when they shoot the product in the face and cancel it when it looks like almost done.

    If you do something that is important, it will be criticised by millions of people, and hated. Your name will only be known if you fuck up badly. Don't take it personally, it is part of the job.

    Managers will be the best and the worst that you ever had or will have. Learn from them if they are good, wait for the inevitable reorg if they are bad.

    When the musical chairs game starts, and they shuffle everyone, find the best place to be and try to follow a manager you like.

    A startup is 100 meters race, a big corp is a 10000 km marathon that can chew your life away, just pace yourself, there is no rush. Enjoy the ride.

    Patience is your friend.

    After you get tired of the boredom, wait until you have enough money in the bank and jump.

    Good luck
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    @WeAreMany You mean you are making a startup company, or just get into one? Why would you like to work at a startup more than in a big company? Just asking
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    Guess I'll be... That Guy.... There is a random category, since you know this isn't a rant lol. Bit good job nonetheless
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    @Thorzilla hey, sorry we are just old dogs barking :).

    In the end, it's different for everyone... I know a lot of devs still very happy after years in top100 companies.

    For me, the job wasn't interesting. That's it. My startup job keeps me motivated almost everyday.

    It's all about what you're looking for.
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