Did anyone ever felt that everyday is a loop? Mine is as follows

Bug Reported -> Try to reproduce -> Check on web -> Check iOS -> Check iOS 13.x -> Update or get hold of other simulator/devices -> Check iOS 13.x2 -> Fix it -> Now it breaks on Android -> Fix it -> Get it QAd -> QA feels their should be some more design changes -> Make him/her understand that what is priority for now -> Now everyone has started testing app and everyone have their opinion (designers are asleep at this point) -> Get all of the team in sync -> Start release -> 99% -> Some yells "wait" -> One more thing -> Sleep with nightmares -> Repeat

PS: We have a responsive web application that is also wrapped in Cordova for iOS and Android.

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    Go native, hire another dev and halve your workload for great justice.
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    @SortOfTested Wish it was that easy.

    It's just the new quirks of iOS releases that breaks something.

    Going native is a good idea but is a overkill for our app in initial phases. Will need double the team we have right now, a complete rewrite and more time for feature releases.

    Sadly we have to pay the price of having one codebase running on all platforms.
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    My loop is git commit -> git push -> git sync
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    Wow, this sounds so much like my day to day that it hurts 😵😵😵
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    "wait , there's one more thing "

    Yeah stevie copycats ruined it for all xD
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