Initially I wanted to be a sysadmin 6 years ago actually. And to this day I still am, to some extent. But since a while ago - I believe last year - that idea started to shift. I always got so enraged at software going tits up, further fueled by the fact that without programming skills I couldn't do anything about it but weep.

Last year in February I did my first part of the LPIC-1 exam, and this year also in February I did the second part. Failed the second part though so I'll have to go back for that. But in the exam results I found that my shell scripting skills are pretty much perfect. I got a big fat 100% on that part.

So that got me thinking. Is the shell a proper programming language, and could I use this to write my own software? And the answer turned out to be yes. Granted like every programming language "'it's\ definitely\ not\ perfect.'" But hey it does most of what I need and for automation it's absolutely great.

So that's what I do nowadays. Still a sysadmin, but I picked up a habit of writing out everything I would otherwise do manually into code. I love it!

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    Sysadmin with developers skills or developer with a better network/security understanding?

    Both are great!
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