I don't, I just started doing it out of spite. The first pc i ever had for myself was a windows vista hp laptop. It ran like absolute shit. Yes I had used many computers before that, but this was the first one i got for myself and i was honestly sad I could not get it with xp.

Because it ran like shit, I decided to investigate as to why, i wanted to understand the people that did the system before I was to blame and talk shit about them.

Down the rabbit hole. Thank you vista, had you not been shit on MY computer I would have never gotten here. Also my mom always wanted me to be an engineer so there's that.


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    Yep, Vista was an absolute shit, on pair with Windows ME.

    BUT ! I know ONE Pc which worked perfectlly with Vista for more than 5 years : No crashes, no problemes, never reinstalled, fast.

    It was my monther's PC (Custom build. I guess all components were 100% vista compatible)
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