If I only have 5000 page views my free tier commenting service allows. Is it necessary to let users know. Or is it alright for them to find out when they can't comment on my horrible site anymore until next month

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    You could probably find a host for a static site for ~ $10/month for load that small.
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    @SortOfTested I have a web host. I'm just using a 3rd party to handle user comments for me
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    That's rough. Hopefully it will just say, "Comments are disabled."
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    Saying "btw if this is broken it's because there's only 5k views a month allowed so come back next month if that's the case" on the actual website is not a sensible option.

    Let it be, and if it breaks and you care enough about it to be an issue, find another solution.
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    @AlmondSauce its literally just for my website I'm making a blog on. Not important at all in my opinion. Lol
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