I thought iPhone simulator was ONE THING that worked smoothly but NO, it is also a load of crap, hogging away the memory. Can’t develop ANYTHING without spoiling the mood because of this slow performance. It’s the same with android studio, Xcode, android emulators, and now simulator with vscode is doing the same thing. It’s 2020 you’d think a developer can write code smoothly on a huge MacBook Pro but no what a fucked up world, I’m hungry again, I have eaten up everything what to do I hate fruits !!

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    That's why I don't develop for mobile, making any progress is just sooooo slow and infuriating.
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    Visual Studio, Xamarin, Intel accelerated Android simulator.


    You are welcome.

    And once a while do a test with iOS via a mac mini you are using as a floormat.
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    Wait, you hate fruit?

    That’s like hating cheese!
    Or rain!
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    @Root You know difference between rain and shower? Consent.
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    @LesMore I have Mac Pro with 16 gb......should I add memory? I did that on my previous MacBook and it got crazy soon after that....
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    I have a Thinkpad with 16 GB RAM and Android emulators work amazingly well for me. Not sure about iOS though!
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    @LesMore my current laptop was the pricey and best solution 2 years ago. Now they’ve got this 64gb. After 2 years they’ll make the 64gb also slow and come up with 128gb ram Mac.
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